Rice billhook (2) - Naga & duck - Wood and metal - Cambodia and Bali - 50s-60s
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Rice billhook (2) - Naga & duck - Wood and metal - Cambodia and Bali - 50s-60s

(1) Duck-headed rice cutter from the Sunda Islands, Bali.

After the harvest, the Balinese duck farmer takes his flock to the harvested rice fields. The duck head is a direct reference to this Balinese custom.

Wood with some polychromy marks. In fair condition, a small missing piece and restorations (see pictures).

(2) Ancient Traditional Cambodian Rice Billhook in wood and metal, approximately from the 1950s-1960s.

This sickle has a beautiful sleek design that makes the object timeless and very decorative. The tip represents a stylized Naga.

It is on a custom-made steel stand, included with the object.

Dimensions without the stand: 47 cm long by 29 cm high.


I have been collecting these objects since my first trip to Cambodia, in the middle of the 1990s, their timeless shape, clean graphics and function have seduced me and still do, even if it is increasingly difficult to encounter these pieces.


In good condition, but it bears the marks of its use, please look at the pictures.

Careful packaging, insured shipment with track & trace, via Bpost.

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