Belgium - 1830/1850 - Model 1858 - Pinfire (Lefaucheux) - Revolver - 12mm cal
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Belgium - 1830/1850 - Model 1858 - Pinfire (Lefaucheux) - Revolver - 12mm cal

Revolver Lefaucheux punch ELG caliber 12 mm with pin
1958 model (with trigger guard)

“Designed by Eugène Lefaucheux, this revolver is the most modern and the most advanced of its time. In 1858, this revolver was adopted by the French Navy and became the first revolver with a metal cartridge adopted by the State. of both military and civilian production, Eugène Lefaucheux therefore signed a contract with the Saint-Etienne Arms factory. "

Thunder with octagonal pan
Walnut stock
Ejection rod and sight sight present.
Crown rings.
The disassembly is complete and without problem.
Frank percussion.
Barrel we hear the clicks.
Perfect air gap (we do not pass more than one sheet)

Existing markings:
n ° 26 on different original parts, trigger, barrel, under the barrel etc
Liege proofhouse from 1846 to 1893 (ELG in an oval)
Star T on the barrel (Name of the controller)
1 or L on the dog

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