Fashion in auction

When you are a lover of vintage or current fashion, it can be interesting to look at the items that are in auction. Often you can find clothing by exclusive brands or just some really nice vintage stuff. These are some of the fashion brands that might be of interest for you:
* Chanel
* Fendi
* Gucci
* Hermès
* Jean Paul Gaultier
* Karl Lagerfeld
* Pierre Cardin

You can also take a look at some more broad categories like:
* Exclusive Women`s Clothing
* Exclusive Men`s Clothing
* Exclusive Bags
* Women`s Vintage Clothing
* Women`s Shoes
* Women`s Bags
* Women`s Accessories
* Eyewear
* Vintage Eyewear
* Vintage Bags
* Vintage Accessories
* Men`s Vintage Clothing
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