Jewellery in art and antique auctions

Jewellery - or jewelry in some countries - has been used for thousands of years, the Neanderthals in Europa already made beads from sea shells over 100.000 years ago. Shells, stones, teeth and bones were used later on and later on carved and engraved jewellery was made. When metals were being used, jewellery was often made from these new materials like bronze, copper and gold. The use of gold, glass and semi-precious gems became really popular in Egypt which slowly spread out towards Europe. Nowadays there are a lot of jewellery makers as well as brands that have a line of jewellery. There are some of the categories with interesting jewellery: Premium Jewellery
Professional Designer Jewellery
Vintage jewellery
Art Nouveau & Art Deco Jewellery
Fine jewellery
Brand jewellery
Ancient jewellery
Antique jewellery
Antique and vintage amber jewellery
Men`s Jewellery
Antique and vintage men's jewellery
Antique & Vintage Silver Jewellery
Enhanced Diamond Jewellery
Exclusive & Certified Jewellery
Exclusive Jewellery
Exclusive Jewellery (No Reserve Prices)
Pearl Jewellery
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