Murano glass

Murano glass is made on the Murano island on Venice in Italy and it has an interesting history. Venice has always been an important trading port and this attracted a lot of craftsmen. When in 1291 the city of Venice ordered all glass makers to move to Murano – because of the fire hazards – this became a real glassmaking empire where almost half of the inhabitants of the island worked in the glass industry. In those days craftmanship was very important to grow the wealth of a town so while the glassmakers had a high status, they were not allowed to move out of town, on the penalty of death. Even though, some Murano glassmakers did escape and took their glass making secrets to other countries.

Murano glass has always been very popular among collectors and tourists in Venice but because of the many copies that are made worldwide and a lack of innovation in the design, the amount of glassmakers has decreased. Nowadays the Murano glassmakers experiment and innovate more and follow the trends so Murano glass will also look good in a modern room. The Murano glass of popular designers and glassmakers is often colorful and next to beautiful vases you can find figurines and the always popular chandeliers.

What is Murano glass worth?

While real antique Murano glass can be very expensive, the more recent Murano glass is affordable. In auction you might find great pieces of Murano glass from $50 tod $100 and prices will vary on the size, quality and name of the glassmaker. A nice Murano chandelier might set you back anywhere between a couple of hunderd dollars upwards to thousands of dollars.

Murano glass now in auction

We’ve been looking for the search term ‘Murano‘ in the description of the lots in upcoming art and antique auctions of the auction houses we are working with. If there are any, those lots are displayed over here. We haven’t been looking for alternative names, spelling or descriptions and rely on the information the auction house gives us.

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Examples of Murano glass

These are some of the best examples of Murano glass.

Imperio Rossi (Murano) – Set of three cylindrical Fantasy vases

Imperio Rossi (Murano) – Set of three cylindrical Fantasy vases

Lot Catawiki Online: Imperio Rossi (Murano) – Set of three cylindrical Fantasy vasesHeight: 17-18.5-19 cm x width: 8-8-8.5 cm; weight: 1400 g Trio of vases from the fantasy series made of,

GV Oggettistica Murano – Aquarium

GV Oggettistica Murano – Aquarium

Lot Catawiki Online: GV Oggettistica Murano – AquariumSize: height 4.5 cm x width 4.5 cm; weight 125 grams.Aquarium made in Murano. Supplied with warranty certificate. The certificate is also

Campanella Livio (Murano) – Modern Vase with Murrina Millefiori

Campanella Livio (Murano) – Modern Vase with Murrina Millefiori

Lot Catawiki Online: Campanella Livio (Murano) – Modern Vase with Murrina MillefioriHeight: 17 cm x width: 10.5 cm, weight: 320 grams Modern vase made of Murano blown glass with Murrina

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