Close to the Italian city of Venice there are a few interconnected islands that together form the town of Murano. Many famous glass artists and factories are located in Murano and a large number of them use the Artistic Glass Murano trademark to distinguish themselves from the many copies that are made in the style of the Murano glass.

The history of Murano glass goes back centuries, in 1291 all Venetian glass makers were expelled to Murano because the city of Venice thought that the combination of the glass makers’ ovens and the densely built city center would be too risky. Thanks tot he accumulation of glass artists in the small Murano area, high quality glass was made and glass makers would be studying each others techniques and those became bette rand better. A lot of these techniques would be kept secret to be used in Murano only but when glassmakers went to other countries and started to produce glassware over there, the Murano techniques spread around the world.

Murano glass is known as a cultural heritage and although the demand has decreased and there are less glass artists and factories, Murano glass is still known worldwide and collectors and tourists like to buy the beautiful colorful pieces in different techniques.

Some of the well-known Murano factories and artists whose works you sometimes come across at art and antique auctions are Michele Onesto, Paolo Rubelli, Imperio Rossi, Angelo Ballarin, Venini, Paolo Crepax, Cenedese, Dino Martens, Alfredo Barbini and Salvadori.
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