Royal Dux

Royal Dux is founded in the Czech Republic in 1860 under the name Duxer Porzellan Manufactur. The area where the factory stood was ruled by the Habsburg monarchy until 1918, after which it fell under Czechoslovakia and eventually the Czech Republic. Royal Dux makes porcelain figurines as well as decorated vases. The most famous designer for Royal Dux was Jaroslav Ježek, he has designed a lot of figurines with mainly stylized animals and people. The stamp under the statues of Royal Dux might sometimes be confusing, figurines made before 1990 have a raised pink triangle containing Royal Dux Bohemia with the letter E in it. From 1918 there is often an extra stamp with Made in Czechoslovakia. After the Second World War, the E in the pink triangle becomes a D and from 1990 a Made in Chezch Republic stamp is regularly added. From that time on there are also images without the pink triangle, they only have a stamped mark. Due to the different markings, the use of old molds in later years and the forgeries that exist it is a good idea that you read more about the images when you want to collect Royal Dux figurines. Worldwide there are a lot of Royal Dux collectors and old and rare figurines can be very pricey. At art and antique auctions you can often find Royal Dux figurines.
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