Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery or vintage jewelry is a very broad term and the definition of vintage is not the same with everyone. So in antiques and jewellery auctions you can find vintage jewellery that is antique because it is around or over 100 years old and you can find vintage jewellery that is 25 years old or maybe even younger, when it is made in a vintage style. Vintage jewellery can be a mix of everything, there can be famous brand names and designers as well as costume jewellery. Art Deco and Art Nouveau jewellery can sometimes be found in the vintage jewellery section, as well as ageless jewellery.
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Vintage Jewellery now in auction

These are all Vintage Jewellery lots that we have found at the auction houses we are currently working with. We have been looking for a matching description so sometimes you might find more interesting lots when you use an alternative or less exact description.Use the search function to find other interesting upcoming auction lots.
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Past auction Vintage Jewellery lots

These are some of the Vintage Jewellery lots that are sold in previous auctions.