The Hungarian ceramics manufacturer Zsolnay was founded in 1853 by Miklos Zsolnay. When the founder’s son takes over Zsolnay, new techniques are developed and the products start to get attention worldwide. An important new technique that Zsolnay developed is the eosin process, this creates an iridescent glow over the green, blue or red glaze. This Zsolnay glaze is especially very popular during the Art Nouveau / Jugendstil period and the factory makes a lot of decorative pottery including many sculptures as well as vases, dishes and more. Various artists work for Zsolnay to create one of a kind masterpieces or the more common sculptures and figurines. Especially during those years the company receives various awards. At art and antiques auctions you regularly come across Zsolnay pottery, usually recognizable by the greenish glaze and the typical Art Nouveau design. In addition, the Zsolnay work is generally signed with a Zsolany stamp although several variations have been used over the years.
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